Our hydrotherapy facilities offer specialized physiotherapists in the area of aquatic kinesiotherapy. We provide recuperation, prevention and health support programs. Hydrotherapy, with all the benefits associated with the water it uses, is recommended for all ages and increases your comfort during

the exercises, allowing them to be undertaken while bearing different levels of weight. The swimming pool has an area of 75.20 m2, a depth of 1.5 m and a constant temperature of 33ºC, with constant monitoring of Ph and chlorine levels.

Adaptation to the Aquatic Environment

bebé natação

Adapting to the aquatic world will give you unforgettable moments, strengthening your bond with your child. These sessions are designed to promote the development of motor, sensorial, functional and social capabilities.

Because water is an indispensable part of your baby’s well-being, be sure to share these unique moments with them to give them the sense of security they need in order to be happy.

Aqua Energy Classes

Aquaenergia relaxamento

These classes are designed to provide you with a feeling of relaxation and well-being, through medium-intensity exercises, specific stretches and aquatic relaxation techniques.

Aqua-energy is designed for all those who like being in an aquatic environment and need a total workout for the body and mind.

Aqua Mobility Classes

Aquamodalidade em grupo

Aqua Mobility Classes, through simple, low impact exercises, based on the activities of your daily life, promote improvements in general mobility and in your quality of life.

These classes are designed for all those who like being in an aquatic environment and are seeking to improve or maintain their functional condition.

Musculoskeletal Hydrotherapy

piscina interior

Our treatments in a water environment will allow you to recuperate in the best possible way. Our team strives to act according to

the needs and objectives of each of our patients, seeking to be effective and efficient in meeting them.

Neurological Hydrotherapy

Hidroterapia Neurológica tratamento

Neurological hydrotherapy aims to satisfy the needs of individuals with a series of neurological injuries. This service will allow you to experience the best possible recuperation.

You will gain increased mobility and dexterity and a general improvement in your quality of life. A specific treatment plan is completed for each client.

Pre & Post Natal Classes


Our pre- and post-natal classes are designed to undertake exercises within water during and after pregnancy . This practice of exercises is beneficial for both the baby and the mother.

In the pre-natal stage, the woman can mitigate the effects associated with pregnancy, anxiety and stress. Whereas in the post-natal stage, the exercises aim to restore the body to a good shape, correct posture and reduce muscular tension.

Our Team

We have a team of physical therapists who care for your well-being, trying to give an effective response to the different conditions and existing pathologies.

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