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With regards to Physiotherapy, Fisiogaspar stands out for the experience it has gained over the last two decades, always in search of adequate responses and qualified solutions. Each client receives a unique treatment, which gives priority to manual therapy and is not limited by time, space or resources.

In addition to the conventional approaches used, your sessions can also include completely innovative treatments. A specific treatment program is prepared for each client, developed by a qualified physiotherapist. In each case, the priority s always for the patient to recover rapidly and effectively.

Biodex System 4®

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The Biodex System 4 offers a level of performance, accuracy, and safety that remains unmatched. Not surprisingly, Biodex equipment marks the

highest correlation coefficients for reliability, accuracy, validity and repeatability – another reason why so many clinicians put their trust in Biodex.

Check-Up Injury

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We know that practicing some sports involves high intensity exercises, requiring the athlete a constant progression and physical investment. In all modalities of high physical requirement there is an

associated injury potential that we must prevent or recover. For this reason, Fisiogaspar has developed a Check-Up protocol to diagnose injuries derived from these practices.

Decongestive Lymphatic Therapy

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Decongestive lymphatic therapy is a drainage method undertaken by a physiotherapist.

Using manual massage, mechanical techniques and multi-layer bands, this therapy optimizes lymph circulation, enhancing your well-being.

Desmotec® Isoinertial Training & Rehab

Desmotec devices are cutting-edge tools suited to muscular strengthening, toning and training purposes. In the isoinertial method the work produced during the concentric phase is transformed into kinetic energy and dissipated in the eccentric phase. The result will be a greater eccentric expression of power and therefore a higher activation of the muscles involved, with respect to what is not possible with the isotonic methodology. In the field of rehabilitation, isoinertial equipment allow you to recreate the muscle activation

situations directly related to the athlete’s acceleration, modular and directly proportional to the force applied, reaching more easily higher workloads and better muscle conditioning, as well as faster recovery times. This feature can be used during your physiotherapy sessions according to the recommendation of your doctor or physiotherapist, and is not available as an isolated service.

Domiciliary Physiotherapy

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We can offer a home physiotherapy service, for which a physiotherapist is chosen to travel to the client’s home.

Our objective is to reach out to a specific clientele that, for various reasons, is not able to benefit from our unique approach to treatment.

Electromyographic Biofeedback

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We offer innovative technology that allows you to accompany visually and in real time the muscular activity of your body, via graphical interpretation of exercise and movement.

These sessions are individualized and adapted to your needs. In this way, they facilitate the adoption of a correct movement pattern, obtaining long-lasting results in a shorter space of time.

EPI Advanced Medicine®

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EPI ® aims to repair and/or regenerate damaged tissue, relieving pain and reducing the time required before the

client can return to their daily lives. In this sense, it is a technique that is effective in activating curing mechanisms.

Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy

In addition to the most innovative trends in the field of physiotherapy, Fisiogaspar now integrates two new effective treatment methods: Focal and Radial Shock Waves. Some pathologies with clinical indication for this

treatment: calcifications (shoulder/knee/heel), epicondylitis, iliotibial band syndrome (ITBS), patellar tendinopathy, Achilles tendinopathy or plantar fasciitis.

Functional Bandages

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This type of bandage is designed to support and protect injured structures, controlling the movements that could put your recuperation at risk.

However, it allows for bodily movements considered to be non-threatening, as long as the movement is in moderation.

Geriatric Physiotherapy

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The geriatric physiotherapy service consists of individual sessions directed at the elderly. Based on the prevention and maintenance of its functionality, this service uses active exercises that aim

at increasing strength and balance and reducing the risk of falling. The purpose of these sessions is to provide a better quality and independence in the daily life of this population.

Gyko® Microgate

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Gyko is an inertial measurement tool for the analysis of the movement of any body segment. Thanks to its latest generation components, it is able to supply acceleration measurements of up to 16g and angular velocities of up to 2000°/s with an acquisition frequency of 1000 Hz. The Bluetooth data transmission provides real-time measurements directly to

the PC via the Microgate software that, with its scientifically validated algorithms, offers simplified data processing and interpretation. This feature can be used during your physiotherapy sessions according to the recommendation of your doctor or physiotherapist, and is not available as an isolated service.

Kinesio Taping®

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The kinesio taping method consists of applying an elastic adhesive bandage to the skin to reduce pain symptoms and improve muscle function. This type of ligation acts on the muscular and fascial tissue, under the joints and in the systems: circulatory, lymphatic and nervous.

This feature can be used during your physiotherapy sessions according to the recommendation of your doctor or physiotherapist, and is not available as an isolated service.

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

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Physiotherapy sessions undertaken by our excellent physiotherapists. These sessions focus on the best possible recuperation for the client,

seeking to optimise their physical and mental well-being, through individual and personalised sessions.

Neurological Physiotherapy

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Neurological physiotherapy seeks to meet the needs of individuals with continuing neurological injuries, aiming to improve balance, strength, movement and motor coordination.

In addition to conventional techniques, your treatment program can also include Biofeedback, Hydrotherapy, Respiratory Physiotherapy and Nutrition.

OptoJump Next® Microgate Evaluation

It is an innovative system of analysis and measurement that brings a new philosophy of assessment and optimisation of performance to the world of competitive sport. It is designed for the development of a

specific and customized training programme for the athlete, based exclusively on precise objective data. The evaluation can be done in the following modalities: gait, run or jump.

Pediatric Physiotherapy

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The pediatric physiotherapy service is based on specialized rehabilitation sessions for infants and children from the first month of life, up to 10 years of age.

An evaluation of the child’s neurodevelopment is carried out and a unique and specific treatment plan established for each child.

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

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This specialty is aimed at responding to a number of dysfunctions related to pelvic floor muscles, including urinary and fecal incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, urinary or fecal urgency, pain and sexual dysfunction.

Through an individual and specialized evaluation, it is possible to establish a treatment plan adapted to each condition that may include the use of biofeedback and electrostimulation. Available for Women and Men.

Postural Performance Classes

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This is a therapeutic method for dynamic stabilization of the spine, which involves exercises for mobility, strengthening and muscle extension.

In this area, we can offer a complete and personalized program designed to suit your posture, enhancing your balance.

Pre-operative Assessment

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This evaluation will allow you to eliminate doubts about musculoskeletal surgery that your doctor has recommended. For 30 minutes we’ll give you all the advice, health care to have and manage your pre and post-surgical expectations such as: recovery schedule,

expected rehabilitation program, need for accessories and medical aids, among other things you want to see clarified. The information provided is not intended to evaluate the need for surgery and does not exempt consultation with your doctor.

Respiratory Physiotherapy

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Respiratory physiotherapy is designed for adults and children, promoting well-being and quality of life. Through individual sessions, you will gradually gain independence which will give you greater confidence in different life situations.

In this sense, our aim is to help you by controlling and relieving the symptoms caused by a wide range of respiratory illnesses.


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This is a method for evaluation, diagnosis and treatment which aims to correct postural alterations and resolve resulting injuries.

In parallel with the respiratory work, active postural exercises are undertaken, whereby the muscles responsible for postural alterations are extended fully.

Supersole Insoles

Our Supersole insoles were created using the concept of biomechanical normalization, with the aim of improving distribution of body weight on the foot.

They are made to measure, in the necessary models for different kinds of footwear and for each shoe size, adapted to the conditions affecting each patient.

Vertimax® V8 Platform

The Vertimax V8’s patented jump training technology can load the legs and arms simultaneously to improve both explosive leg power and arm swing velocity to radically increase the vertical lift component and jumping height.

This feature can be used during your physiotherapy sessions according to the recommendation of your doctor or physiotherapist, and is not available as an isolated service.

Our Team

We have a team of physical therapists who care for your well-being, trying to give an effective response to the different conditions and existing pathologies.

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