Our Private Gym offers an innovative concept, fundamentally designed to support the harmonious development of each individual and the exclusive adaptation of training to their needs and objectives. Our team of physiologists is prepared to prescribe physical exercise for people with special clinical needs.

We also offer Specific Preparation Programs for Disciplines, designed for athletes or practitioners who wish to optimize their in-game or daily performance. Integrated into Fisiogaspar’s health space, the Private Gym offers a personalized accompaniment service, carried out by a physiologist who guides, corrects and optimizes, each stage of the individual training plan.

Group Classes

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Group Classes



  • Avoids possible injury
  • Promotes cardiovascular endurance
  • Helps to reduce weight

Outdoor Running

  • Increases heart strength
  • Helps preventing cardiovascular disease
  • Helps reducing blood sugar, high blood pressure and cholesterol



  • Aims to the mobilization and stability of the spine
  • Promotes greater body awareness
  • Assists in the prevention and joint recovery


  • Contributes to a deeper relaxation
  • Maximizes your ability to concentrate and mental tranquility
  • Helps in the management of daily emotions


HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

  • Optimizes body composition
  • Enables the reduction of fat mass
  • Increases cardiovascular endurance

Functional Workout

  • Prevents the risk of injuries
  • Maximizes your physical condition
  • Helps tonifying the body

Core Training

  • Reinforces the abdominal wall
  • Helps vertebral spine stabilization
  • Localized workout

GAP Training

  • Tones your glutes
  • Reinforce and enhance your abdominal muscles
  • Increases leg definition



  • Promotes fun
  • Stimulates the cardiovascular work
  • Optimizes the balance of work and coordination capacity

Dance Workout

  • Releases endorphins
  • Reduce daily stress
  • Improves self-esteem

Group Classes for Kids

Our Team:

Play Gym

  • Develops motor and cognitive skills
  • Uses playful activities and games
  • Promotes diversion among children

Kids Class

  • Develops motor and cognitive skills
  • Uses games and exercises to introduce physical activity
  • Promotes sharing and fun moments

Personal Trainer

This is a professional with specific training, as well as being qualified to prescribe a training program that is personalized and adapted to your needs.

In a general sense, our Personal Trainer service provides you with a greater sense of security and motivation, allowing you to achieve results effectively.

Physical Evaluation

In the Private Gym we identify your needs and limitations. This evaluation is completed taking into account physical tests undertaken,

body posture evaluation and body composition. In this way, always bearing in mind your well-being, we proceed to define the objectives.

Specialized Sports Programs

We prescribe an adequate and personalized training for the discipline that the client requires.

In order to achieve these objectives, exercises are prescribed in functional and physical terms.

Training Plans

Our team will prescribe specific exercises according to the results collected from the physical evaluation.

The training is prescribed with the aim of meeting your needs.

Training Studio

Our training studio is highly personalized, and you can practice physical activity according to your needs and objectives in a subtle and discreet environment.

It is equipped with the most sophisticated technology, promoting your physical and mental well-being.

Our Team

We have at your disposal a team of exercise physiologists distinguished by its excellence. We favor your needs and are oriented to the results you want to achieve.

  • Excellence
  • Customization
  • Discretion
  • Sobriety
  • Performance optimization

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